El Tejaban Mexican Grill is an authentic Mexican food family restaurant that was established in 2008. They pride themselves

on being a family-owned and operated restaurant that is sure to make you feel right at home.

Derrick Artista created an interactive/user-friendly website for El Tejaban Mexican Grill. As a family restaurant with a strong grasp

of who they are and what they stand for.


The challenge was to simplify and clarify their platform and to create an identity system. 

One that helps represent Mexican culture and family values.​


"Derrick Artista has been a pleasure to work with. As a small business, we are glad to have Derrick Artista working with us. It feels great to have a website that is both preventable and useful for our customers. He's understanding our needs and provide sound marketing and design plans for our business. Derrick Artista has been and will continue to be my exclusive graphic designer for my restaurant. Derrick Artista has shown to be a productive communicator and a personable professional. His knowledge of brand definition and expertise in graphic design has helped our business grow its brand. Derrick Artista does very well reaching goals both alone and while working with a team. Always a joy to work with and would make a strong asset to any company. We look forward to creating more projects with

them in the future."